Sunday, 24 January 2010

The Australian Open

The Australian Open is one of the biggest four grand slam tennis tournaments in the world. It attracts the best names in the tennis world to compete for two weeks in Melbourne, the sports capital of Australia every year. The matches are attended by tens of thousands of Australian and international tennis fans. They are also broadcast live to many countries all over the world.
The Australian Open is not just one championship. There are matches for tennis players who are under 17 years of age too. The winner of the Australian Open gets hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. There are a few tennis players who have won the four grand slams and they are called tennis legends. These legends include the Australian Rod Laver. The main events at the tennis championship are played at the Rod Laver Arena which can host nearly 16,000 viewers.
It is not a surprise that some of the finest players lose their matches and go home early while new players that have never been heard of progress to more advanced stages of the tournament. This can happen in any other tennis tournament.
Before the Australian Open starts there are a number of smaller tennis championships played in different cities across the country and most of the players who take part in the Australian Open play in them to get ready for the big one. Some of the tennis matches can last a few hours and end as late as two o'clock in the morning.
Tickets to attend matches at the Australian Open are not cheap. They start at 50 dollars and go as high as 280 dollars to attend the final match. There are other tickets that allow the audience to attend less important matches and enjoy a variety of activities. These tickets cost 30 dollars for an adult and 20 dollars for a child under 16 years of age. Tickets can be bought online or on entry. You are not allowed to bring any food or drinks with you. You can buy them at the venue and they normally cost more. One small water bottle costs six dollars.
Some of the matches at the Australian Open are attended by fifteen thousand people including film stars, politicians and famous athletes from all over the world.
The players who come to play at the Australian Open do their best to represent their countries and win their matches to improve their world rankings. They also get sponsored by major companies to wear certain brands and use certain rackets. They also appear in commercials and get their pictures published in commercials in different newspapers and magazines.
The Australian Open is a great tennis tradition that tennis fans all over the world can follow on TV each year.