Monday, 28 February 2011

City Vs Country Life

The good things about city life

You have access to all facilities

Easy shopping

Easy to find a job

Easy to find a good school

Exciting nightlife
Good means of transport

Different cultures live in one city

Easy to make friends

Good universities

Many festivals

Many sports grounds

Different museums and art galaries

Good for business – easy to do business

Strong buildings

Good hospitals available everywhere

Official departments are very close to you

The latest fashion in the world


Restaurants and hotels

Volunteer oppertunities

Good banks and financial services

Cinemas and movies

You never feel alone

Good things about living in the country

Fresh air

Calm and quiet

Natural food

Natural scenery – natural views

A lot of plants and trees

Cheap food

Many animals to see

No pollution

Not many people

Bigger houses and big land

Less criminals

No pressure of city life

People are so helpful

People feel free

Not traffic jams

No car park tickets

Good for tourisim

Cheaper to buy a house or land

Living a simple life without technology