Monday, 6 June 2011

A Fine

One sunny day in the city of Melbourne, a tall man was getting out into the railway station. It was such a busy day and the station was crowded. He was running late to catch his train and he didn’t have time to buy a ticket. He checked the time and found that the train was leaving in 1 minute and he didn’t want to miss the train because he didn’t want to be late for his job interview. So he jumped on the train without a ticket.

He sat down and started to read the newspaper. He was reading about the bushfires in Victoria. Suddenly he saw some inspectors coming on to the train. He started to feel nervous because he didn’t have a ticket. He tried to move to the front of the train because he was worried about getting a fine. His heart started beating very fast and he was sweating. Other people were looking at him and he felt embarrassed. Not long after that, one of the inspectors asked him to show his ticket. He slowly put his hand in his pocket and pretended to have a ticket, but he couldn’t find his ticket. The inspector asked him politely for some identification. He tried to talk, but he was too nervous.

The inspector explained to him that he should have bought a ticket before he got on the train. The tall man explained to the inspector that he was going to an important job interview and didn’t have enough time to buy a ticket. The inspector said that he understood the situation, but he would still have to give him a fine. At the next station the tall man got off the train and found out that he was late for his job interview.

He was extremely nervous and he ran to the building where his interview was being held. He gave his name and they told him he should have been there half and hour earlier, but they allowed him to have his interview. During the interview the manager was very happy with him, and decided that they would give him a call. He was happy about the interview, but not sure if he would be offered the job.

Three days later he got a telephone call from the company and he was offered the job. After getting his first salary he paid his fine and bought a bottle of champagne and celebrated with his wife. He understood that he should follow the law in any situation.