Thursday, 27 August 2009

Why I came to Australia

My name is Abdullah and I come from Saudi Arabia. I came to Australia in February this year. I love learning. I went to a very good school in Saudi Arabia. I came to Melbourne to do a degree at Victoria University. I hope to finish my degree in three years. I want to finish my studies and then go back to my country. I want to work in my city. I want to work at a bank.

I have one problem. My problem is that my English is not good enough. I can't understand people when they talk to me. I find it difficult to answer the phone. I don't speak English good enough. I think that my English is poor compared to other people.

I am doing an English course now at VU. My course will take one year to finish. I hope that by the end of this year, my English will be good enough to start my study at uni.

I go to class every day. I make sure I go on time. It is not nice to come to class late or not to come to class at all. In Australia students learn in a different way than in my country. The teacher in my country keeps talking all the time. Students have to listen and not talk at all.

In Australia teachers don't talk all the time. Students don't keep quiet and just listen. They talk to each other and to the teacher. Students in Australia don't have to ask the teacher before they go to the toilet. They just open the door quietly and go. They show that they are nice to other students by not talking loudly in class.

In my home I have a computer. My computer is connected to the interent. I use the internet to learn English. I listen to lessons. I read a lot. I also watch TV in the evening. I like watching the news.

Teachers in Australia are very good. They listen to me if I have a problem in class. They give me all the help I need. If I am late one day or if I skip class, they email me the lessons I missed. Sometimes I don't understand a word or a sentence. I look the word up in my dictionary. If I still don't understand, I go to my teacher. My teacher helps me understand what the word means.

I find life in Australia very different from my country. In Melbourne it is sometimes hot and cold in the same day. It is sometimes sunny and rainy in the same day. I make sure I take my umbrella with me before I leave home in the morning. I don't have a car and I use the train.

Trains here are good but they are expensive. Tickets are very expensive. The good thing is that I can use one ticket and use a train, a tram or a bus. In my country I have to buy three tickets. I buy one ticket to use a train. I buy another ticket to use a tram. Still I buy a third one to use a tram. We don't have trams in every city in my country.

In class I learn with people from different countries. I made friends with all the students. I have friends from India, Korea, Japan and Iran. I also have friends who study at VU. They are not in my class but we are friends.

I like playing football. I have some friends who like playing football too. We play football every Sunday. We play football for two hours. We have fun. After we play football, we have a meal. We cook some meat and vegetables. We also eat some fruits.

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After publishing this lesson, my Saudi students told me that there is no public transport at all in Saudi Arabia. All people have cars. If they don't have cars, they use taxis.

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