Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Don't Critisize

 Look at the picture. Can you see any policemen? Well, I can see tens of them. They are not wearing police uniforms. They are in plain clothes. They are arresting a young man. The young man took part in a protest against the Egyptian president Hosny Mubarak. Hosny Mubarak has been president for 30 years and he is 82 years old. He wants his son to become the next president of Egypt. Hosny Mubarak is a close friend to America. The Egyptian people are not happy with the rule of the Mubarak family. They want a change. Millions of people became poor under the Mubarak rule. They can't buy homes or find jobs. On the other hand, thousands became very rich because there is a lot of corruption going on in Egypt.
The young man in the picture will not be able to see a lawyer. He will not go to a normal prison. He will be tortured and may be killed.
Last year more than 180 people were killed in different police stations in Egypt. Nobody can talk about their killings because the government can arrest anyone.
Young people in Egypt use Facebook to contact their friends. They also started to protest against the government online. The government has a secret service. The secret service is a secret police that can trace those people. They go to their houses in the middle of the night and arrest them. If the young people are lucky enough, they will go back home in three months or even more.