Saturday, 12 June 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In English we say that a picture is worth a thousand words. We always say that when one picture gives more detail than a long piece of writing. This is true when you look at this picture.

The two pictures are for the same person. A young man called Khaled Mohamed was in an internet cafe in the city of Alexandria, Egypt when some policemen came in. The policemen asked to see the people's ID cards.

Khaled refused to co-operate with them after they insulted him. In Egypt any policeman can insult you and your family and you can't answer back. If you do, you will be arrested and they will take you to a police station where you will be tortured for some days.

Khaled was arrested and taken to a police station. He was bashed up, electrocuted, tortured by fire and raped. He died inside the police station which is in one of the busiest suburbs in Alexandria. The police officers who took part in the torture were not stepped down from their work. They are arresting more and more people as you read these lines. Policemen in Egypt are untouchable and are above the law.

Some policemen took his body and threw it in the street in front of the internet cafe where he was arrested and drove off.

Some people demonstrated in front of police stations in the city of Alexandria but there is no hope the police will do anything to prosecute the police officers who were involved in the murder. There is a lot of police and government corruption in Egypt.

Human rights organisations are calling now for the Egyptian government to stop torture inside police stations. In 2009, nearly 200 people were killed inside police stations in Egypt and no charges were pressed against the killer police officers. The people who died were all tortured to death for no crimes.

In any election, the President's ruling party gets all the votes even if people don't take part in the voting when it is held. The result is always known before the elections dates. It is always 99.99% for the ruling party.

 Last year someone uploaded a video clip on YouTube of a policeman torturing a girl inside a police station. The girl was screaming and shouting for help but the officer kept on bashing and insulting her. The people in Egypt became angry after watching the video clip on the famous video sharing web site and asked the government to punish him. The government refused to do so and said the officer was new in the job and should not be punished.

Because of a corrupt government and a ruined economy, more than 5000 took their own lives in 2009. Many young men and women feel there is no hope to change things and, for them, committing suicide seems to be the best thing to do.

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