Wednesday, 2 March 2011

What the Government Should Do

These are some of the ideas that my students wrote as part of their English learning about what the government in Australia should do to make people live more comfortably.

In fact the Australian tax rate is very high compared with other countries like Korea, China, Malaysia and the USA. So the government should reduce the tax rate especially for the low-income citizens.

House prices are sky rocketing nowadays and people can’t afford to buy them any more. The fact is the government must contorl house prices.

There are many people who wait for a long time before they see a doctor. In additon to that, there are not enough doctors or nurses. The government should train more health professionals and build more hospitals to work on making the waiting lists shorter.

There are many people who don’t have jobs in Australia. Moreover, it is even harder for others to keep their jobs. The government should create more job opportunities for everyone.

There are a lot of social problems like alcohol, gambling and drugs in Australia. The government should increase taxes on alcohol. It should arrest all drug dealers.