Saturday, 22 May 2010

Freedom to Insult

In the West there is a new trend that started a few years ago to insult other religions under the pretense of freedom of speech. There is a big campaign nowadays on Facebook that started by one of its users asking people to make drawings that humiliate Prophet Mohamed, the founder of Islam.

The invitation was accepted by tens of thousands of users and this angered muslims in many countries. Massive protests took place in the streets of major cities in Pakistan and in other countries condemning the Facebook page.

Some of the drawings on the internet depicting Prophet Mohamed were extremely offensive. The cartoonists depicted him in different unacceptable forms including portraying him as a dog. The people who drew the pictures said it was their right to say what they thought. Muslims were outraged by the drawings but different newspapers continued to publish them. Delegates from Muslim countries met with government officials in some countries in Europe but nothing was done. Many muslims believe that their governments are the most corrupt governments in the world and they would never take any tough actions against countries that allow the publications of such pictures.

Drawing prophets is strictly prohibited in Islam. Muslims regard Mohamed, Jesus and Moses as great prophets who changed the course of history during their times. They don't make fun of them under any circumstances.

If you would like to read more about the Facebook page, please click here.