Friday, 21 May 2010

Robbery (True Story)

Maria teaches at Monash University in Melbourne. He husband works long hours and always leaves home early in the morning. Maria has two daughters. One of them studies at university. She is a hard-working student. The other is younger and she goes to high school.

On 19th May, 2010 Maria had a class to teach in the morning at Monash University. She left home early and gave a lecture to her students. After finishing her lecture, she had a headache and didn’t feel well. She decided to go home and have some rest.

When she arrived home, it was nearly two o’clock in the afternoon. Maria opened the big gate and walked along the driveway. She opened the door to her house and was shocked. She saw some clothes thrown on the floor. She could hear someone inside the house. Immediately she heard more than one person leaving the house from the laundry door. She could hear them jumping over the fence and running away. Those people were robbers. Maria called the police and was too afraid to go inside the house. She was shaking and frightened. She also called her husband who left work immediately and headed home.

Some police officers came in a few minutes and Maria went inside the house with them. The robbers got into the house by breaking the laundry door. Inside the house many very expensive things were missing. Maria’s gold was stolen. She couldn’t find her wedding ring and wedding shows. There was also a sum of 1000 dollars that was not there. In her bedroom everything was upside down. The robbers were looking for any cash or gold they could steal. They emptied her wardrobe to look for money. They even emptied the tea jar in the kitchen to search for any thing that has value to steal. Everything inside the house was a mess.

The robbers took down all the paintings on the wall. They were looking for any safe in the house. They wanted to get as much money as they could and leave the house.

When the girls came back home, they couldn’t find their lab top or their expensive digital camera. All their clothes were on the floor. The robber left a kitchen knife on the bed.

Police officers couldn’t find any finger prints because the robbers were using gloves. They also put socks on their shoes to make it hard for the police to find them. They were professional robbers. Maria’s eldest daughter started to cry because all her university work was saved on her MacBook. MacBook is a lab top computer she has recently bought. She spent a few months working on a big project to get her degree. Now she has to start it all over again and she is running out of time. Her university work has to be handed in in a few weeks’ time. Now she has to work day and night to finish it on time.

There is no password on the lab top and this will make it easy for the robbers to sell it. The lab top cost a lot of money to buy but now it is gone. It has all the family’s photos and a lot of the two daughters’ study work.

The family is lucky they have home insurance. The insurance company will give them a new lab top and help them fix the laundry door. The family will have an alarm system installed in the house. They will have an automatic gate and they will buy a dog too.

It will take the family some time to get over what happend. One police officer said the robbers may be drug addictes. They would do anything to get money to buy drugs. The police will do all they can to arrest the robbers.

They hope the police will be able to catch the robbers. They hope the robbers will be caught before they rob another house.