Monday, 14 September 2009

Education in Australia

Very young children can go to a childcare centre if their parents work. They stay there until they are 5 years old. When a child is 5 years old, he or she goes to a public or private primary school. Private schools cost a lot of money. They normally cost 16 thousand dollars or more per year. Public schools are government schools. They don't cost a lot of money for a student to study there. They cost only a few hundred dollars a year. Poor families can choose not to pay this money. They can also get financial help from the government. Students stay in primary school until they finish year 6.
After they finish year 6, they do no't get a certificate. They go directly to high school. They stay in high school for 6 years and stay there until they finish year 12. After year 12 they go to university if they get high marks in the year 12 exams. If they don't get high marks, they can go to TAFE. TAFE is a technical college.
TAFE colleges provide different programs for the students to choose from. Students can stay there for two years and get a diploma. There are also many certificates to choose from. These certificates can run for three months or more. After finishing their studies at TAFE, students start applying for work. Some of them work as mechanics. Others work as plumbers. Still many more work in different jobs.
Students at uni normally study for 3 years. They can study to become teachers, accountants or engineers. They get a degree after finishing their uni studies. They can start work straight away or do more study to get a master or a PhD.
Students can do a master by coursework or by research. They can do a PhD by research only. When students do masters and PhDs, they need to learn to write academic English. They need to improve their English language a lot before doing their postgraduate studies.
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