Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Small Cars

To live in a big city like Melbourne, you need to have a car. Sometimes families have more than one car. They have two or more cars.
Many years ago petrol was cheap. Now petrol isn't cheap. It is expensive. One litre of petrol now costs about $1.30 at most petrol stations. That is why not many people buy big cars nowadays. They buy small ones.
Big car companies used to sell millions of big cars every year. Now they make smaller cars. These small cars don't use much petrol. They use less petrol and they cost less money to buy.
A small car can take 5 people. They don't have much space for shopping bags and other things. Big cars can take 5 or 7 people. They have big spaces for shopping bags at the back. They are safer to drive too.
Some people don't like small cars. They think that they are not safe enough. They say that small cars don't have enough spaces from the inside. Those people like to drive the big 4 wheel drive cars like Jeep and Toyota.
When you buy a new car in Australia and you want to sell it after a short time you lose a lot of money. You lose about %30 of the price you pay.
That is why there are many people who don't like buying new cars. They like to buy second hand cars. Second hand cars cost less money to buy than brand new ones.
Still other people don't like to spend a lot of money on cars. They buy motorcycles or scooters. They ride their motorcycles or scooters everywhere. They say that a motorcycle or a scooter is easy to park. Those people don't spend a lot of money on petrol.

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