Thursday, 10 September 2009


My son had been asking me for a few weeks to buy him a Ripstik. A Ripstik is what you see in the picture in this lesson. It has two wheels only. He said that most of his friends at school had Ripstiks and he wanted to have one too. He promised to do some extra school work if I bought him one.
We went to the shop and had a look. The prices were very high. It cost 180 dollars to buy one. I decided not to buy it and wait for some time. I wanted to wait until prices came down.
My son went on the internet and kept searching for better prices. He went on online auction sites too. Finally he found that Ripstiks were sold for 125 dollars only at Big W. Big W is a big department store in Melbourne. We went there and bought one for him. He was happy. He just needed one thing. He needed to learn how to use it.
The Ripstik came with a DVD to show how it could be used. The DVD showed people using it. They had helmets on.
I thought that my son would take a few days to learn how to use it. I was wrong. He took only less than two hours to learn to use his new Ripstik. He became a professional in no time at all.
My son became so excited with his new Ripstik and took it to school every day. He asked to go to school early every day to be able to use his Ripstik.
One weekend I took him to a skating park near my home. Many young boys and girls were skating there. My son used his Ripstik and had a lot of fun there.
Now when I go to his school to pick him up, I see several boys and girls carrying their Ripstiks and walking home. Ripstiks seem to be the latest fashion nowadays.

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