Thursday, 25 February 2010

Hepatitis B Vaccine

Good afternoon. East Melbourne Secondary College. Sam Speaking.
Oh, good afternoon. My name is Mark Smith. My son is in year 7. His name is Thomas. Thomas Smith.
What can I do for you, Mr Smith?
My son gave me a form to sign for the school about hepatitis B immunisation. I just need to get some information, please.
Sure. What would you like to know?
Is it necessary for my son to get this immunisation?
If he hasn’t had it, then it is highly recommended that he gets it. People who don’t get Hepatitis B immunisation can put their lives in danger. I personally took my three children to the doctor and he gave them the immunisation. My husband is a doctor and he said it was important. It’s a good thing to do, Mr Smith.
Oh, I see. The problem is that I don’t know much about hepatitis B.
Oh, it’s a virus that can cause serious infection. It is carried in the blood and can affect the liver. It is a good idea to protect your son against this disease.
Oh, dear! Is it really that serious?
Oh, yes, Mr Smith. The number of people with hepatitis B has increased in Australia over the past 20 years. The problem is that there is no cure for hepatitis B infection once someone has caught it.
How soon can my son get the hepatitis B immunisation, please?
Next week all the students in year 7 will get it at school. This will not only take place in our school, it will happen in all other schools. The government wants all year 7 students to have the immunisation. Some children may need to have one, two or three injections on the same day.
Will there be any side effects?
Well, I am not a doctor but I see that some of the students in our school sometimes feel unwell after getting the injection. Some students feel pain at the injection site. You know how it hurts when we go to the doctor to have an injection. It is the same with children. Some girls cry when they take it. If you have internet at home you can go to They have more information there.
I see. It is not a pleasant thing to take. My wife hates getting injections. She is 40 years old. She can't stand them. She always asks the doctor if there is any other medicine she can take in order not to have an injection. I know exactly what you're talking about.
If your son has any side effects or pain, let him have paracetamol. If you are worried about your son after taking the injection, contact your doctor or take him to hospital after hours.
Is there any thing else my son should be careful about on the day of the immunisation?
Yes. He has to tell the doctor if he is unwell on the day or if he has had severe reactions to any vaccine before. If your son is allergic to certain foods or any thing else, he has to let the doctor know.
Oh, he is not allergic to any thing. Thanks for your help. Bye.