Sunday, 14 February 2010

Visa to China

Good Morning. Chinese Embassy. Hong Speaking.
Good morning, Hong. My name is Carol Smith. I need to get some information on getting a tourist visa to visit China, please.
Yes, Mrs Smith. What would you like to know?
Can I do the visa application online?
Yes, you can. You can also download a form from our web site, fill it in and send it to us by mail if you want. We will study your application and ring you to come with your passport and other documents to the embassy. 
What sort of questions are there in the form?
The form has many questions. You may take about half an hour to answer them all.
Can you give me an idea of what sort of questions are asked?
Yes, sure. Now what is your passport type? Is it diplomatic or regular? 
Oh, I've got a regular passport.
What sort of passport do you hold? 
And when will it expire?
It will expire on 23rd May 2019.
What is your current occupation? 
I am an office admin.
And why do you want to visit China, Mrs Smith? 
I want to see China. I will go there as a tourist.
And how many times do you intend to go to China? 
Only once for now. I may go there later on if I like it.
What cities or provinces do you want to visit? 
I would like to visit Beijing and Shanghai.
Now, Mrs Smith. Have you ever been refused a visa to China before? 
No, it's the first time to visit China. It's the first time for me to be overseas too.
Good. Have you had any criminal record in any country before? 
No, I haven't. I never cause any trouble.
And do you suffer from any serious illnesses? 
No, I don't suffer from any serious illnesses. I am perfectly healthy.
Has anyone invited you to visit China? 
No. Nobody has invited me. I am going there on my own. I don't even know anyone in China.
That is all. These are all the questions that you will find in the visa form. 
I see. Now can you tell me how long I have to wait before I get my visa?
It normally takes 4-5 days. You can get it faster if you pay a fee.
No, I don't want to get it faster, thank you.
Is there any thing else I can do for you? 
No, that's all. Thanks a lot for your help.
Not at all. Have a good stay in China. 
I will. Bye.