Saturday, 27 March 2010

Activities for Children

Summer holidays can be fun for kids because they don’t have to go to school and get to relax at home. The problem is that kids become bored easily and get sick of watching TV all the time. They start making trouble at home and fighting with each other. They can spend countless hours in front using video games but this is not good for learning new skills. Children don’t like going shopping with their parents. Paying for them to go and watch a movie in the cinema seems to be a good idea but it comes at a price. There are different things for parents to do to keep their children quiet during the school holidays. Here are some ideas you may like if you have children who are still at school.
A visit to the library. A library is a good place for parents and children alike. Visiting a library helps children come up with ideas and they can take part in different programs that the library has to offer. Most of these programs are free but some of them cost little money. All libraries have internet computer access so children can visit their favorite web sites and have fun. It is a good idea for parents to help young children choose books to read, help them improve their reading skill and also get a chance to bond with them.
Water Games: On a hot day you can get your children to put on their bathers and have a water fight in the garden. All you need is a long hose that the children can connect to a tap. Don’t tell them what to do – they will be soaked in a few minutes. All you have to do is to get some towels and make sure they don’t make the carpet dirty when they enter the house after the water fight.
Children can also use water bombs. Water bombs are small balloons that they fill in with water and throw at each other. They have a lot of fun when they throw the water bombs in the air and they explode on touching the ground. Parents can also fill a bucket with water and put some ice cubes in it. They can ask the children to pick the ice cubes up with their toes. This can be fun for a while.
Go to the beach: On a hot day you can take the kids to the beach. Get some food ready and take an umbrella with you to protect the family from the sun. Take enough towels and extra clothes in case the kids want to stay on at the beach after the dark.
Have a friend over for a sleepover. Your child can choose a special friend to come and stay in your house overnight. Let your child decide who will come, what to eat, what games to play inside the house and at the backyard and what DVD movies to watch. Inviting a friend to come for a sleepover takes a lot of planning. Children always help parents in cleaning the house before that special friend comes for a sleepover. 
Take the kids to the city: The city has a lot to offer for everyone. There is a web site that tells you about different activities that take place in the city. It is called Going to the city on Sunday is cheaper if you go by public transport. You can buy a Sunday Saver Ticket from a train station and use it all day in zones one and two.