Tuesday, 2 March 2010

The Rich Man's Son

There was once a very rich man who lived in Melbourne. He had a lot of money. He had a very nice car and a big house in Toorak. Toorak is a very expensive suburb in Melbourne. The house had a very big garden and many trees. He always worked very hard and he made a lot of money. When he was 33 years old, he decided to get married.
When he got married, he went on a honeymoon with his bride. They went to France, Italy and Mexico. When he returned from the honeymoon, he went back to run his business.
After one year the rich man and his wife had a baby. It was a boy. He called his son Michael.
The rich man gave Michael a lot of toys to play with. He bought him a real car on his second birthday to take him to childcare. He hired a driver to take Michael to and from school. He also hired some servants to look after Michael at home.
Every year the rich man used to take his small family and travel overseas on holiday. He used to stay in 5-star hotels and fly there in his private plane.
When Michael was five years old, the father sent him to the best private school in Melbourne. He got him private tutors to teach him at home too.
When Michael finished high school, he went to university to study. Everyone at uni noticed that Michael looked different from other young people. He had very expensive sunglasses and used to come to uni in a different car every day.
At uni he met some students who came from poor families. They called him a spoilt child. They told him that he spent a lot of money. They told him he should think of others too.
Every day when Michael finished his studies at uni he went home and kept thinking about what his friends had told him.
At uni Michael had a friend who came from Vietnam. She came from a poor family. She thought Michael was smart and good looking. She didn't like the way he behaved. She thought Michael's family spent too much money.
She asked Micheal to travel overseas and visit a poor country. Michael decided to go and visit some poor countries in Africa. He was shocked to see how poor people lived in these countries. He realized that what his friends at uni had told him was true. From that time on, Michael's life changed forever.
When he came back from Africa, Michael decided to spend less and care for others. He decided to donate money to a charity that helped poor people. He also asked  his uni friend who came from the poor family to marry him. She agreed to marry him because she thought he was a good young man. They lived happily ever after.