Saturday, 13 March 2010

Quit Smoking

Good morning. Quit Line. This is Martin. How can I help you?
Good morning, Martin. My name is Sandra Smith. I want to quit smoking and I need help.
That's good. I am more than happy to provide you with all the help you need. First of all I need to get some information from you.
Not a problem.
How long have you been smoking?
I have been smoking for a long time. Since I was in high school. About 15 years now.
All right. And how many cigarettes do you smoke on average every day?
I smoke between 20 to 25 cigarettes a day. It is horrible. I really need to quit and regain control over my life.
That's great. Now tell me, Mrs Smith do you smoke more during the day or at night?
Mostly during the day. I normally leave my desk at work and go out for some fresh air every half an hour and then I light a cigarette. It's badly affecting me.
I see. Sometimes people get headaches if they don't light a cigarette.
What is the best way to quit?
Well, there are different ways to stop smoking. They are different from one person to another. Some people decide to stop completely in one day. Others take it gradually. They smoke less and less until the stop completely. I know that most people who want to quit smoking chew gum, take a walk to make themselves busy or sometimes they even keep a diary to see how they are progressing.
And do I need to seek medical advice from my doctor?
No, you normally don't need to seek medical advice. Any doctor will tell you that smoking badly affects your body. It's your own decision. But if you feel that you really need to talk to an expert, you can make an appointment and go and see your doctor.
Will I gain weight when I quit smoking?
It depends what you eat at the time. There are many things to take care of especaily during the first few weeks of quitting. You just need to keep away from foods and drinks that contain a lot of sugar like soft drinks and chocolate. 
How will I feel when I quit?
You will feel healthier right away and for the rest of your life. Have a better breath. You will have more money to spend. You will be a better role model for your children and no longer expose them to passsive smoking.
I saw some products at the pharmacy that help people quit. Do you think I should start using them?
These products certainly help smokers quit. There are different products on the market now like nicotine gum, nicotine inhaler, nicotine tablets, a nose spray, skin patches and many more. You only need to read the instructions on the packet before using any of them. I will also send you some information on different ways to quit.
How will you send this information to me?
We can email you or get your postal address and send you a booklet or two.
Email will be the best option.
What is your email address, Mrs Smith?
Oh, it's
Ok. I will send you the email today and if you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact us again.
Thanks for your help. I know it's a big task but I really need to quit.
Not a problem, Mrs Smith. Is there any thing else I can help you with?
No. That's it for today. You've been very helpful.
That's all right. Have a nice day, Mrs Smith.
You too. Bye.