Friday, 5 March 2010

Job Interview Conversation

Good morning, Mostafa. Thanks for coming. Please sit down.
Thank you.
Would you like to have a drink before we start?
No, thanks.  I am fine.
Well, we've got your CV and are happy to have you in our short list for interviews.
That's great. Thank you.
How did you know about the job we are offering?
From the internet. I often visit employment web sites and spend some time there every day.
I can see from your resume that you are new in Australia.
That's right. I have been here for three months only.
Can you tell me something about your background?
Well, I come from Albania. It is a small country in Europe. I finished high school there and started working.
You didn't go to university?
No, I didn't. I come from a poor family and work was important to support my father. He didn't earn much.
What did you do exactly?
I worked at a fish and chips shop for some time. After a while I started to do a second job at the same time. I worked as a taxi driver in my city. I nearly worked all day. I often came home at 11 o'clock at night. This was 7 days a week.
You didn't have a weekend?
No, I didn't. Life was hard in my country. It still is.
Did you experience any difficulty when you worked?
Yes, I sometimes met people who were rude. Some of them wanted to start a fight with me.
And what did you do?
I spoke to them nicely. I explained that it was not my taxi and that is how I got them to pay most of the time.
I can see that your English is good. How did you learn English?
I did English at school but it was not enough. I am married to a young woman who was born here in Australia. She is a native speaker of English. We met in my city overseas, fell in love and got married there.
That's great. Now do you think you can work at our warehouse?
I am a quick learner and I enjoy being with people. I will do my best and see where life takes me.
When can you start if you get the job?
Now. I can start now. I can't wait to have a job. I don't want to stay home and do nothing.
I see. Can you work at the weekend if we ask you to?
Of course. I can work 24/7. Any time.
I see. That looks fine. Well, do you have any questions?
Yes, if I work here, will you give me any training?
Yes, the first few days you will work under supervision. You will be supervised by one or two of the people here. They will show you how we do things at the warehouse. Any thing else you want to know?
No, that's all.
Thanks for your time.
Thanks for having me.