Thursday, 11 March 2010

Bank Loan

Good morning. ABCD Bank. Sam speaking. How can I help you?
Good morning, Sam. My name is Tom Zhang.
What can I do for you Mr Zhang?
I would like to apply for a personal loan. I want to buy a boat.
What kind of boat would you like to buy – a new or an old one?
A brand new one. I saw a man who had one of them and I thought about buying one for myself.
And how much would you like to borrow?
I would like to borrow $200,000 if I may.
Where will you buy the boat from?
I will buy it from a boat company in Melbourne. They sell many boats and I want to buy one for myself.
Would you like to have the loan under your name only?
Yes, I would like to have the loan under my name only. I want to surprise my wife. She will be so excited to see the boat. I will not tell her about the price otherwise she will go mad.
I see, Mr Zhang. I am sure she will be delighted. You are a very caring husband. Good on you. Now I need to get more information from you if I may.
What would you like to know?
Are you an existing ABCD Bank customer?
Yes, I am. I have a savings account with you. I have been a customer for the past 3 years.
Are you married or do you have a de facto relationship?
I am married. I have been married for the past 4 years. We had a big wedding in Shanghai, China.
That’s good. Now how many dependents do you have?
I have one child. He is three years old.
Can you tell me your driver licence number, please?
Oh, yes. It’s 7865 4543 9876.
What state and date of expiry, please?
Victoria 12th June 218.
What’s your current residential address?
Oh, it’s 5 Prospect Street, Box Hill, 3128.
What’s your telephone number, please?
My telephone number is 9876 5432. I also have a mobile phone. Would you like to get my mobile phone number?
Yes, please, Mr Zhang. What is your mobile number?
It’s 0432 987 665. It's a Nokia. I bought it from a shop at the shopping cnetre in Box Hill.
I see. Are you renting at the moment or do you own the property you live in?
I am renting. I can't afford to buy a house at the moment. Prices are crazy. You need to be very rich to buy a house these days.
How much money do you pay for rent per week?
I pay $200 per week.
Now I need to get some information on your employment. What is your current occupation?
I work as a kitchen hand.
Is it a full time job?
No, it’s a casual one. I go to work when they need me. They often phone me two or three times a week.
What is your employer’s name and address?
Sam’s Pizza. It’s an Italian restaurant and is located at 123 Station Street, Box Hill. The owner’s name is Franko Rosso.
Are you paying a mortgage at the moment, Mr Zhang?
No, I am not paying a mortgage. I am renting. I told you that before.
Ok. Do you have an accountant who looks after your financial matters?
Yes, I have an accountant. His name is Henry Smith. His address is 12 Dexter Street, Box Hill North.
What is his contact number, please?
9876 6789.
Have you only worked at one place or more, Mr Zhang?
I have only worked at one place. This is the only job I’ve got in Australia. A kitchen hand.
How long have you been employed there?
I have been employed there for two years.
Do you have any loans with any bank at the moment?
No, I don’t have any loans. This is the first time to take a loan.
How much do you get after tax per month?
I get $1000 per month. I asked my boss for a pay rise but he didn’t agree. He is a selfish man.
Oh, I see. Do you have any credit cards?
No, I don’t have any credit cards. I don’t like them. They make me spend a lot of money. I don’t like spending money all the time.
Do you pay any insurance?
No, but my wife does. She pays for the car insurance every year. She pays $1200. She has a lovely Toyota car. It’s a red one.
Do you have any shares, Mr Zhang?
No, I don’t have any shares. I can’t afford to lose money. People who do shares are crazy.
Do you have any jewellery or furniture?
I have two chains of gold. They are worth about $2000 dollars. I wear them all the time. They make me look nice and the girls look at me wherever I go. I feel happy. The furnutre in my house is worth about $5000. Tha's all.
Do you have any personal loans with any other bank?
No, I don’t have any personal loans. I told you this is the first time to apply for a loan. Can’t you understand?
I am sorry, Mr Zhang. I have to ask all these questions. Now, do you have any property in China?
No, I don’t have any property in China. We sold our house before we came to Australia.
Mr Zhang we need copies of your last tax returns for two years. Have you got them?
Yes, I have copies of my latest tax returns. Can you tell me if I will get the loan or not?
Just one moment, please Mr Zhang. Oh, I am sorry. You will not be able to get the loan. The computer says your income is not big enough and you can’t get $200,000. The maximum you can get is $30,000 because your income is small.
What a stupid computer! What can I do now?
You can try to get a full time job and then your income will be more and you can apply for a bigger loan then.
Oh, forget it. I will ask my wife to buy it. She comes from a rich family. She has a lot of money and I can enjoy it too.
That’s a good idea, Mr Zhang. Is there any thing else I can do for you?
Yes. Can you telephone my boss at the restaurant and let him give me a pay rise?