Sunday, 28 March 2010

How Do People Study?

People from different countries have different learning styles. There are some students who learn by reading every word in the book. They don't feel confident if they don't do so before an important exam. 
Other students like to study by listening to what the teacher says. They don't need to read every work in the book. 
Still others like to study by doing things. This is how we teach our students in Australia. 
Students in Australia study by doing activities in class and working with each other. They do many things which other people may think are a waste of time. 
In Australia all schools have internet access and there are schools where each student has a lab top. 
In other countries like Burma students sit down in rows inside a classroom and listen to what the teacher says at all times. They don't ask the teacher questions and they believe that the teacher knows every thing. 
In Australia we believe that there are some students who are smarter than their teachers. This is true. 
Choosing a certain learning style depends greatly on what country you come from. 

Picture by my previous student Naseem Ali from Saudi Arabia