Monday, 1 March 2010

I Am Angry

I had a very bad experience with my internet company last year. I was their customer for about 7 years and they did something that made me very angry that I decided to get a disconnection. I asked to have my internet service disconnected.  I asked them to disconnect my phone too. That cost me a lot of money
It started when I asked my internet company to change my internet plan. I used to have an internet plan that cost me 40 dollars a month. I told them that I wanted to try another plan. I wanted to have more download for one month. I told them I was interested in a bigger plan that cost 90 dollars a month. I told them that if I liked the bigger plan, I would keep on using it. If I didn't like it, I would go back to my old internet plan.
The man from the internet company said there was no problem but he insisted on making a voice recording with me. In the voice recorder he told me he would say the contract would go for two years. He said it was OK to say that but I could change my plan any time.
When I rang them after one month to say that I wanted to go back to my old plan, they said I had signed up for a 2-year contract. They told me they had my voice recording to prove it. I informed them about what the man from their company said but they said they didn't care.
I was angry. The man tricked me into saying I agreed for the two year plan and now they have my voice recording agreeing to the terms of the new contract. I didn't want to sign up for a new plan. I didn't want to pay $90 a month. I decided to have a disconnection. As a punishment I had to pay more than 400 dollars for the disconnection. I decided not to use the internet company when I moved to my new house.
Now I have a phone and internet connection with Optus. For my phone and internet service I only pay 99 dollars a month. Optus is a good company phone and internet. I get a good service and they don't try to trick me.
I had a friend who worked in a big telephone company a few years ago. He told me that his boss told him to give wrong information to customers to make them sign up for mobile services. I couldn't believe that story at that time. Now I do. Sadly some big companies will do any thing to get new customers. This includes telling lies sometimes. This is when people like me start to feel angry when they have to pay a lot of money if they are not happy with the service.