Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Back From the Dead

A few years ago there was a story in different newspapers in Egypt about a young man called Ayman. He didn't have much education and lived in a small village. There was not much work around and he often had to go to big cities to find work. Every time he went to work he used to stay away for a few months. One day he went to a new place at a sea resort to work. 
One day an ambulance came to the village and some police officers. They went to Ayman's family house and told them that their son had drowned. The police told them that people had found his clothes at the beach. They found his personal ID card and that is why they could identify the body. The family were shocked by the sudden death of the young man. They started to cry and quickly buried the body.
Hundreds of people attended the funeral for the young man and some came from as far as 400 kilometres away to pay respect to the dead young man.
After one month Ayman came back to his village. Young boys and girls who were playing in the streets ran away when they saw him and thought he was a ghost.
He went to his house and his mother fainted on seeing him. Then people came quickly and made sure he was not dead.
He explained that his personal ID card was stolen from him. The person who stole the ID card must have gone swimming and he drowned.
After one month of mourning in the village, there were big celebrations in the village to celebrate Ayman's return from the dead. Ayman appeared on different TV channels to tell his story.
Answer These Questions:
Why didn't Ayman get a job in his village?
How long did he use to be away from his village?
Why did an ambulance and police officers come to the village one day?
What did the people at the beach find?
How could the police identify the body?
What happened after the family received the body?
Why did some people come from as far as 400 kilometres to the village?
Why were the young boys and girls who were playing in the streets frightened?
How could Ayman explain the situation?
Why did many people take part in celebrations in the village?
Why did he appear on different TV channels?