Tuesday, 9 March 2010

America's Most Wanted

There are some TV programs that millions of people wait to watch every week. Each program has a certain idea behind it. Most programs aim to get as many viewers as possible so the television channel can make more money by advertising different products.
One program in America that is a huge success is America’s Most Wanted. The presenter of this program is John Walsh. More than twenty years ago, he was a successful businessman building hotels everywhere in America. His six-year-old son was abducted and killed. That day John made a U turn in his life and decided to be the voice of those who could not defend themselves.
This tragedy gave John a chance to speak to millions of people in America and tell them that children need more protection. Tens of children who were missing were recovered by their families after many people saw their pictures in the TV program.
His program helped the arrest of nearly 1000 criminals by giving details about the crimes and showing pictures of the criminals. Those criminals were not only arrested in America, but also in many other countries. His program was so effective that it helped change the law in America. John was honoured by four different American presidents.
This program has also a website that has a lot of information about missing children and people. People can send their stories to this website and get them published. The program gets the public to work with the police and help make everyone live in peace.
The website for this program also has a safety section teaching parents and children what to do to make life safer for the children. It teaches them about things like the dangers of the internet and talking to strangers. It also teaches them about different topics related to health, travel, family and home.
People can report crimes online through this program’s website. They can give tips to the police. There is a form to fill in online and send to the TV channel. The website also shows pictures of criminals that were arrested and also those who are still on the run.