Friday, 26 March 2010

A Second Wedding

Ashraf and Manal have been married for more than 22 years. Ashraf comes from a very wealthy family that owns different private schools in the city of Alexandria in Egypt. Manal helps her husband run the family’s business. They live at a luxury apartment in one of the most expensive suburbs in Alexandria. Their children study at the University of Alexandria. The family likes to have a holiday when there is not much work to be done.
Last year Ashraf and Manal had a crazy idea. They decided to have a second wedding ceremony. They invited a big number of their friends and family members. More that 500 people attended the huge party. The wedding cost a lot of money because they got famous singers to perform for them. Their parents and children attended the wedding too.
Ashraf says that the second wedding made him happier. He says that he was not old enough at the first one and he was embarrassed. The only difference was that at the second wedding there was no marriage document to sign.
Will they have a third wedding ceremony? They are not sure yet. They will have plenty of time before they decide to do something like that again. Perhaps by that time they will become grandparents and it will not be a good decision to make.