Thursday, 8 October 2009

Culture Shock - 8

I have been living in Australia for about two years . I love Australia very much. Australia has  fresh air, a blue sky and very friendly people. My culture shock in Australia was Public transport. Australian public transport is very inconvenient.
At the weekend some people have to wait for buses for about one hour. If you miss one bus, the next bus will take a long time to come. But China is different. At weekends a lot of buses arrive any time. I work at the weekend. I can go from my home to my workplace by car in about 10 mintunes.  If I take a bus, I need 40 mintunes or more.  I first take a bus to the station and wait 20 mintunes to take another bus. Thatis why I will have a driving test next month.  I want get a driver's license so I can go anywhere.
Text by student Candy