Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Power of Technology

When I was young, not many people had TVs at home. TVs were black and white only and they were expensive to buy. Everyone listened to the radio because there was at least one radio in every house. I remember there was a park in front of my house and there was a TV there. People used to set down at the park and watch TV. There was a man whose job was to turn the TV on for a few hours and then turn it off and go home. Yes, that was his job. He made sure the TV was locked up in a safe place.
This was in the early 70th. Now things have changed. Many people in Egypt have sattelite TV services at home. They watch hundreds of TV channels for free. There are some TV channels that require you to pay a monthly subscription fee too. The world has changed a lot.
I can also remember that when video started to come out, it was very expensive to buy a video player. Now you can buy them for less than 80 dollars.
Nobody buys video players any more. They buy DVD players or the a new thing which is even better than DVD and that is called a Blue Ray player.
Blue Ray players are now expensive to buy. This is the case with every thing that is new. You can buy them from $400 to $2000.

I am saying all this because yesterday I took a video in a teacher training session. After the training finished, I took the video camera and plugged it into my DVD recorder. I recorded the training session on DVD and now all the teachers who didn't attend the training can watch it at home.
Some people like keeping their videos on DVD. They do this in different ways. Some of them like using computer software but it is hard to learn how to edit video on a computer. My 12-year-old son can do it. I simply find it difficult. I am too old to learn all this. I likt doing it the easy way.
I am thinking we can use video in our class. If you have any ideas on how this can be done, talk to me in class. Thanks.