Friday, 16 October 2009

Jackie Chan

Many people have their own favourite movie or TV programs. Also they have their favourite super stars. Most people like to read magazines, so that they can see many different famous artists, models, movie stars and singers. Personally, I like many different cute cartoon characters, people famous in history, singers and movie stars. But the one I like the most is Jackie Chan, because I love to watch his kung fu movies. The Chinese Kung Fu film star is very nervous in his movies, and he has a very cute face and very strong Chinese Kung Fu skills.

I have watched Jackie Chan’s movie since I was young. Most of his movies are action movies and  involve Kung fu. However, some of his films includes comedy, so it is fun to watch them. Everytime I watch his movies I would be very tense and nervous because it is very dangerous for him to act in an action movie. Jackie Chan is also a singer.

Jackie Chan is not only famous in Hong Kong, but also around the world. He has lots of fans around the world. He also uses his strong Kung Fu skills to tell foreigners to take notice and try Chinese kung fu. so I think he is one of the most famous person that I like and that he will always be a super star in my heart.
Text by student Leuing Yuk Yin